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While everything is "in the air" (yes, pun intended), we want to continue to building a sense of community with you.

@smankeyy of the team suggested we come out with a #quarINKtine drawing challenge to keep all our creativities flowing.

Here are the Empire in the QUARINKTINE prompts:

1) Waves
2) Train
3) Bridge
4) Embrace
5) Dream house
6) Rainbow
7) Rocket ship
8) Cloud
9) Hibiscus
10) Lion

Share your drawings using #EITQuarinktine and tagging us for us to repost it ✨ 

Happy doodling and social distancing everyone!

P.s. #empireintheair creative rolls and notebooks coming to you online soon

coloring pages

From ChiChai@Empire's QuarINKtine entries

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