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In partnership with G.R.O.W. of Project PEARLS, we present to you the binhi bracelets!

Topped with a sterling silver G.R.O.W. charm, these macrame bracelts are adjustable and handmade with scrap textiles.


These bracelets come in a single wrap & a double-triple wrap

  • 1 single wrap binhi = 5 meals for the Project PEARLS Feeding Program
  • 1 double-triple wrap  binhi = 7 meals for the Project PEARLS Feeding Program





G.R.O.W. proudly stands for Giving Resources and Opportunities to Women - a Livelihood Program of Project PEARLS.

G.R.O.W. is created to address poverty,  the lack of job skills, and livelihood opportunities for women at the relocation village in Bulacan, Philippines. These women used to work and live in the slums at Manila where garbage scavenging and making charcoal were their main source of income.  

G.R.O.W. focuses on empowering women so that they can generate their own income and become socially and economically empowered.

"binhi" Braclets

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