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Womxn's History Month Feature on SJMade

I had the honor of representing Empire in the Air on SJ Made's social media. For the month of March -- aka Womxn's History Month -- SJ Made is highlighting different womxn entrepreneurs and artists. Thank you for allowing me to be one of them, SJ!

photo by @samsoooooooon

Written by SJ Made:

ChiChai exemplifies the modern creator: courageous and calm, expressive and understood and most importantly capable of mobilizing and captivating the creatives around her. Through @empireintheair, a collective she founded, owns and creates for, ChiChai creates and crafts ineffably in-the-moment of-the-moment streetwear capable of representing its own stature and stance on its own yet further contextualized and deepened in its meaning by the meaningful, powerful and sky-high ambition of Empire in the Air's mission.

Swipe through this post to view my interview:

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