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Sunkissed by Brown Papaya

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

by ChiChai@Empire

For a sunkissed morning at the shop, we hosted "Sunkissed" aka Brown Papaya's magazine launch!

Isabel Bagsik (@unconventionalbliss) invited pinxys from all over the Bay Area to gather for a photoshoot series that would let us be proud of our roots, create a #womxnsupportingwomxn community, and embrace all of our shades of brownness thus creating Brown Papaya.

I was one of the pinxys featured! (You can read my interview here.)

Back to Sunkissed...

The event further exemplified Isabel's mission in empowering pinxys. It served as a mixer and reunion for those who took part in the photoshoot and those who supported it. Isabel also curated a panel of artists -- Cheryll, Tessie Mystic, and myself -- to discuss our experiences overcoming colonial standards and discovering our own pinxy-hood.

photos 1-4 by @byvianca

Brown Papaya is all about reclaiming Filipinx beauty standards. It creates a platform that celebrates pinxys in all forms. We’re honored to have hosted the first #brownpapayababes event!

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