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Opening Weekend at Moment SJ

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

We did it! We opened that store!

🎥: @dontcareray Dancers: @lejonnytran (choreographer) & @smallyanah

Until end of January 2019, MOMENT SJ will be our home for our events, our products, our friends' products and artwork, and more!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated this homecoming with us. Seeing long-time supporters to new supporters has us excited for having a home-base.

We dropped some in-store//San Jose exclusives to further celebrate!

Peep Sam@Empire with her black SJ Tagged Tee alongside @callmehtwin in the Rocketeer Bomber Jacket and @jlyndon in the blue SJ Tagged Tee

We even got a tee of our SJ Lady... who's also the mural in the shop

Hold up, hold up. Let's take a second to appreciate Sam's genius for placing a "selfie-mirror" so visitors can take a selfie with Lady SJ.

Did you know that our shop is not only carrying our apparel and artwork but also the work of other brands and artists? We at Empire in the Air strongly believe in uplifting other people in their Empire-building journeys. We made sure to make the store reflect that!

Here's a list of our Friends of Empire that's featured in our shop:

Photo by Arabela Espinoza

Photo by Arabela Espinoza

Shout-out to the Empire Team and friends. Leading to the opening, we had consecutive no-sleep nights of building and organizing and painting. Send warm fuzzies to Sam@Empire for designing the store, Chris@Empire leading in building it with our homies Andrew & EJ, Steven for always being down to be our DJ, and PJ for not only building but also helping me (ChiChai) paint the parts of the Lady SJ mural I couldn't reach.

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