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New Year, Same Dream

Each person on the Empire Team balances work and Empire in the Air and our own Empire pursuits. What makes the Empire Team a dream team is that we're all close friends that are passionate about puttin' heads at cloud level and supporting others doing the same.

One hiccup since opening the store is that we haven't had downtime to simply chill with each other. We reserved New Year's Eve for reach other to do just that. We began the evening with dinner together in San Jose

Then Chris, Ray, Aiko, and I headed to Davenport for a quiet sunset-exit from 2018 to a starlit-entrance to 2019

Here are some of the photos that I took:

The Team's photos:

We began 2018 with a retreat and celebrated the middle of the year with our anniversary. During both times, we reflected how we want #empireintheair to grow and we all expressed wanting to open a shop. Thanks to all of your support and @sjmade, we were able to build this Empire to greater heights. We can’t wait to see how we’ll continue growing together even more in 2019. Thank you 💕

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