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Miles in Murals II

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

– by Sam@Empire with photos by Brandon Raines

Now in it’s second year, Pow!Wow!Worldwide! was taking over the blank canvas walls of San Jose. Unlike Chichai and Chris, I wasn’t able to fly out to Hawaii and attend festivities out there, so I was stoked to try and get involved in what is only just developing in San Jose.

From Pow! Wow! San Jose! inaugural commencement 2017

One of my bucket list items for the Empire Pop –Up was to host a run, and make it a local hub for a San Jose Run Club. All levels welcome. Upon planning this event, I noticed JT Service  was just beginning a local run series, @Run_Local, and I thought it’d be so fun to collaborate with him. Why not take my chances to reach out and make our first run inline with PWSJ?

JT Service is the Founder of Soul Focus Sports and the Represent Running Series. You might be familiar with his Run The Bay series which includes San Jose 408k “Race to the Row” – The Across the Bay 12k & 415k – The East Bay 510k – The Silicon Valley Half, 10k, & Food Truck 5k. You know, no big deal.

To our luck, JT agreed and together we hosted Miles of Murals II  in which we invited the community to come run with us in downtown San Jose to check out live mural work.

Runners started trickling into the shop. We briefed everyone about the route, and although both JT and I didn’t precisely know where these murals were, we knew this would turn into a scavenger hunt that the group of runners were totally down with.


First stop, Apexer @Apexer

Circle A Skate shop, a Pow!Wow!San Jose! Passport location was covered in colorful geometric vinyl by t.w.five @twfive.

Around the corner was a colossal piece by tackled by How & Nosm @hownosm

We made our way down market street and discovered multiple artists taking over the E. Virginia District of San Jose.

Sean Boyles @seanboyles38th/ Roan Victor @roanvictor

Then into the dark alley we saw a lively piece by Ivan Gonzales @itg3000

Woes @woes/ Dragon76 @dragon76art

And last live mural visit of the night...

by Seoul artist SIXCOIN @sixcoin_kr

Going on this run really made me think about what I missed about running. The community it brings together.

You won’t see the last of this group! More to come.


Photos by Brandon Raines @brandonrainesvisuals

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