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L1ft 0ff Longsleeve

We present to you the L1ft 0ff Longsleeve

Photos by MelanieMac

What makes the L1ft 0ff Longsleeve special is that it is a combo of something old and new

Lil' 18 year old me launched the first @empireintheair tee from my dorm at SJSU in 2010. I would sketch designs in class, package orders in my dorm, give out orders in between classes.

Photos from 2010

A decade later and now Empire in the Air is a team of creatives producing sky-high inspired products and events highlighting the Bay Area community.

The L1ft 0ff Longsleeve is my love letter to the first tee ever and all the people that's helped build #empireintheair along the way since. It uses the neon green and cerulean blue from the original tee and, rather than one girl on a lift, it features seven lifts.

Six of the lifts are dedicated to each person in the original Empire Team

and the seventh represents our supporters who have pushed us to keep building-- from friends who've modeled/ danced/ sung and packaged and fed me (or reminded me to eat) to our supporters that proudly rep the message in their daily outfits... that last lift is for you.

Misc. photos from 2010-2015

The L1ft 0ff Longsleeve will be available online Thursday, September 10 at 4PM and at our pop-up shop at Moment.

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