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Growth: a Dedicated to the Bay Area 2019

The first *and last* time we had Growth was 3 years ago our in Chinatown SF. We had artists all over the Bay come thru and we came out with a new collection, all dedicated to our home.

We're bringing this event back! And this time, in collab with @sjmade!

Also, as our way of giving to the Bay Area for all its inspiration, proceeds of our events will go towards the School of Arts and Culture at Mexican Heritage Plaza.

More about School of Arts and Culture:

The concept of place is broader than a single facility. As an anchor organization for East San Jose, the School of Arts and Culture activates the vibrancy and celebration of our local community. We take pride in the richness and potential of our Eastside neighborhoods.

We got a handful of special performers and a B I G line-up for you with artists and vendors. Here it is:

We'll be featuring the artists/performers/vendors on our social media throughout the month. Save the date! This is definitely going to be a fun one.

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