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GRAND OPENING – Empire in the Air Pop-Up Shop

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Did you know that the Empire Team all met while attending San Jose State University? It’s only fitting that our first ever store would be in San Jose. It’s a Homecoming!

Empire in the Air is opening up its first long-term pop-up shop! Starting on September 7, we are joining Moment SJ at San Pedro Square. Join us in celebrating our GRAND OPENING on September 7 to September 9. Come by any day (or all days!) for music, raffles, and more!

About Moment:

Moment is a set of four dynamic micro-retail spaces designed and programmed to advance + grow + celebrate creative retail. Powered by San Jose Made (SJMADE), MOMENT embodies the speed, immediacy and verve of today’s new retail and creative culture, featuring makers, creatives, artists and emerging brands for varying short-to-mid-length durations.

If you’ve been following the Empire Team, you’d know that the next step we all have been wanting to take is having our own shop. While prepping for Mile5tone — completely a coincidence!– each person on the Empire Team shared that we wanted a store and why.

Here’s what they said:

Biggest one for not me but as a TEAM is our home base. A shop where all our empires combine. A space that consists of arts, clothes, gym, and a champorado cafe. LOL 🙂 – Aiko@Empire (the champorado cafe is still in the works haha)

Honestly, us as team definitely can come to an agreement that we all want to see Empire having it’s own space. Empire is sooo much more than just a clothing brand, and to be able to have it’s own space where both team members and supporters can come together and share our own stories would exactly be what “Empire in the Air” strives to push for. Being able to reach past the clouds, achieving your dreams, and inspiring others! So I definitely wish to see Empire in the Air having it’s own space, for sure! – Ray@Empire

[I want us to have] our homebase store front so we have a constant place to have our products readily available for you all as well as having an open place we can share with our community for creatives. – Jelyn@Empire

In the next five years, I really hope to see Empire in its own space! I think this is everyone on the team’s goal for the brand. We host so many events in the year as it is, that to have a place of our own to host them in would be a dream. Empire on its own embodies the true power of an idea. – Mia (our former marketing guru)

Obviously, we want our own shop somewhere in the Bay Area to call our own. But I want the brand to be able to host all these workshops we host, open mics, art classes, panels, and I want people to recognize our name! Also, it might not hurt to be a meeting place for future Run Clubs too 😉 – Sam@Empire

I really really want us to have our own space. We pride ourselves in being all about supporting others in building their Empires. Imagine if we had a shop to host our own events in which your art was shared? Plus, we super value opportunities to sell our product // tell our story in person. Having our own shop would give us that opportunity. – ChiChai@Empire

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