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We began 2018 with one goal in mind: to open up a store. Thanks to @sjmade, we did.

We opened a pop-up shop in September in the city our team met and where the brand was born. And today, we got to celebrate this feat with so many of you, our loving supporters.

The day was filled with giveaways, music, exclusive releases, a dyeing station, a screen printing station, and more!

For example... we dropped a HELLA LIMITED number of this shirt and sold out way before we closed

Shout-out to @krissyisthexd for having a lil photo-shoot with it the following Monday

We also gave away this tote bag to the first couple dozen supporters that spent $50+

We even had a one-of-one exclusive piece. I took my Home Onwards hoodies, cut them in half, and made anew. Hella points Darian for sliding in the DM's to reserve this for Melanie before arriving. (Yes, you can do that lol.)

On top of the exclusive drops, we had a free screenprinting and dyeing station. Any of our supporters could come in with garments from home to get our logo tagged on it:

We may be closing up our pop-up but remember! This isn’t goodbye, it’s BRB. We’re going to continue building this #empireintheair for you.

Extra shout-out to @sjmade and all of our neighbors @hapertasco@bobodesignstudio @fractalflora + @anselmode and @wahrren for holding it down with the music this day

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